Form an Oregon LLC in 24 Hours or Less for $235 Total

Get everything you need to start your LLC in Oregon

Our Oregon LLC Formation Service Includes:

  • Completed and filed Oregon LLC formation documents within 1 business day
  • 365 days of Oregon registered agent service
  • All LLC organization documents: LLC operating agreement, membership certificates, and more
  • Privacy: free use of our business address on formation documents
  • Online client account to monitor, track, and receive business documents and services
  • Oregon business presence launch: domain + website + email addresses + phone number


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For $235 total—no hidden fees, no add-ons—we’ll provide you with an Oregon LLC formed in 24 hours or less. Our price includes state fees and registered agent service.

Some companies advertise deals for $40 or $99. Don’t be fooled. Those prices don’t include state fees, registered agent service, operating agreement, etc. When you hire us to form your Oregon LLC, you’ll get everything you need to operate your LLC right from day one.

How our Oregon LLC Formation Process Works

  • Complete our Oregon LLC sign-up process
  • We file your formation paperwork to the state
  • We upload and send your official LLC documents within one business day
  • We provide everything you need to launch your Oregon business presence, including a business domain, customizable website, business email address, and business phone line
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Oregon LLC FAQs

How do I start an LLC in Oregon myself?

To formally create an LLC in Oregon yourself, you must hire a registered agent and file the Oregon LLC Articles of Organization formation document with the Oregon Secretary of State’s Corporations Division.

You’ll have several additional steps afterwards to ready and maintain your LLC:

  • Create an operating agreement

  • Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

  • Complete an annual report

  • File business tax returns

Can I just use your registered agent service?

You can form your own LLC in Oregon and just appoint us as the registered agent if you would like. The Oregon LLC Articles of Organization and filing tips are in your client account online immediately when you sign up for your account with us.

What is provided in my Oregon LLC secure online client account?

Once we receive any documents on your behalf, such as service of process from the state, we scan them at our Oregon office and upload them into your online account. You will get an email from us letting you know your documents are available in your client account, with the document attached to the email that you can download immediately. If you don’t respond to our email, we will continue our efforts to contact you until we are sure you have been notified. You can also choose to have emails sent to five additional email addresses (for example, your attorney, CPA or spouse) in case we do not get a response from you.

In your secure online account, you can find all the forms you could possibly want to file with the State of Oregon, pre-filled with our Oregon registered agent information, so you can file immediately. You will find forms for Oregon profit and non-profit corporations, Oregon LLCs, foreign entity registration in Oregon and change of agent forms. In addition, you online account will contain filing instructions to help you make the filing with the Oregon Secretary of State Corporate Division correctly.

You can also check due dates for things like annual reports (called business renewals) in your online account, and we’ll send you multiple email reminders to file your Oregon business renewal on time, starting around 45 days before the due date.

Does my Oregon LLC need a Tax ID number?

You’ll probably need an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for your Oregon LLC. We don’t want to charge you for something you can get for FREE in a matter of minutes. Simply visit the IRS website and obtain an EIN online. If you really don’t want to get your own EIN, we charge folks $50 to get their EIN for them if they have a Social Security Number, $200 if they do not.

Why does my LLC need an EIN?

Technically, you may not need an EIN, but only if your LLC doesn’t hire employees and isn’t engaged in business (holding companies are really the only exception). Otherwise, an EIN is essentially a business’ social security number, and will be required to pay taxes and hire employees.